Public Investment

When it comes to redevelopment, Gwinnett County and its cities have a history of putting their money where their mouth is. Over the past decade, the community has invested more than $### million in roads, sidewalks, greenspace, and public spaces in and around target redevelopment areas.

  • Since 1988, SPLOST dollars have contributed more than a billion dollars for transportation construction projects in Gwinnett, paying for building new roads, widening old ones, and making hundreds of improvements to reduce bottlenecks and upgrade traffic flow and safety. Improvements include intersection upgrades, new turn lanes, traffic lights, alignment and safety improvements, bridge replacements, sidewalks, drainage, safety improvements at schools, and resurfacing. The County also partners with the state to improve roadways in Gwinnett; more than $235 million in County funds have been allocated on state roads since 1992. County staff often handles design, land acquisition, and environmental permitting for state road projects.








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  • Since 1997, SPLOST dollars have contributed millions of dollars for parks and greenspace projects in Gwinnett, paying for the development of new parks, renovations to existing parks, and a variety of amenities including picnic areas, pavilions, multi-purpose trails, mountain biking and equestrian trails, multi-purpose courts, fishing lakes, playgrounds, sports fields, gymnasiums, tennis courts, aquatic facilities, a disc golf course, skate complexes, dog parks, plus horseshoe, shuffleboard, and bocce ball courts.

    The Board of Commissioners' greenspace preservation program, made possible by SPLOST programs (1997, 2001, 2005, and 2009), gives residents a chance to enjoy Gwinnett's precious natural resources, now and in the future. With 46 award winning parks and greenspaces, our parkland totals more than 9,000 acres. Park sites range from 10 acres or less to larger community parks and open-space parks.